04. Needle Hydrophones (HN-series)

Needle hydrophones can provide a good reflection profile. Therefore, they are suitable for continuous wave applications. 针式水听器可以提供良好的反射剖面。因此,它们适用于连续波应用。

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Needle hydrophones are suitable for continous wave applications with an  inherently good reflection profile, where interference patterns can arise.针式水听器适用于具有固有的良好反射的连续波应用, 其中可能会出现干涉图案。

sound and vibration 

The HNC model that is ceramic-based contains the most sensitivity for their size with a less flatted frequency response. The other model, polymer-based HNP model, with about 10dB less sensitivity, but have a smoother frequency response for a given size.基于陶瓷的 HNC 模型对其尺寸的灵敏度最高,但频率响应不平坦。 另一种模型是基于聚合物的 HNP 模型,其灵敏度降低了约 10dB,但对于给定尺寸具有更平滑的频率响应。 


The Needle hydrophones are rugged, typically for measuring fields for industrial applications and other high intensity fields. HNA models are designed for measuring HIFU acoustic fields, which is able to measure multiple bursts of high pressure. The Ruggedness of HNA allows users to measure inside tissues and phantoms.

针式水听器坚固耐用,通常用于测量工业应用领域和其他高强度领域。 海航模型专为测量 HIFU 声场而设计,能够测量多个高压脉冲。 HNA 的 坚固性允许用户测量内部组织和模型。


 Sound and Vibration 

HNC DataSheet

HNC 针式水听器中文数据表



HNP Datasheet

HNP 针式水听器中文数据表



HNA Datasheet

HNA 针式水听器中文数据表



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