01. AIMS III with Soniq Software

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System-AIMS III

声强测量系统-AIMS III


The Latest Generation hydrophone scanning system- The AIM III  can help to enhance the acoustic measurement productivity to  map acoustic fields in liquids.  

最新一代水听器扫描系统 - AIM III 有助于提高声学测量效率,以绘制液体中的声场。 

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More details

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System- AIMS III with Soniq Software

声强测量系统-AIMS III - (Soniq 软件)


Want to enhance acoustic measurement productivity to map acoustic fields in liquids? 



ONDA’s latest generation hydrophone scanning system is able to help you. Saving the measuring time of setting up, scanning and reporting can help you to improve your workflow by enhancing the productivity.

ONDA最新一代水听器扫描系统能够为您提供帮助。 节省设置、扫描和报告的测量时间可以帮助您通过提高生产力来改进工作流程。


These improvements are based on decades of scanning technology development.  With the Soniq Software, users are benefited from real-time plotting, automated FDA reporting, and improved positioning performance. AIM III continues to be the de facto standard scanning tank for hydrophone-based measurements.

这些改进基于数十年的扫描技术发展。 使用 Soniq 软件,用户可以从实时绘图、自动 FDA 报告和改进的定位性能中受益。 AIM III 仍然是基于水听器测量的事实上的标准扫描罐。 

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AIM III includes a range of features. Besides of enhancing productivity, real-time plotting to confirm optimal measurement set-up early, AIM III provides a lot of benefits to its users.

AIM III 包括一系列功能。 除了提高生产力、实时绘图以尽早确认最佳测量设置之外,AIM III 还为其用户提供了许多好处。


For instance, automated diagnostic and physiography reporting tables compliant with the lastest IEC standards and FDA guidance documents, its mechanical improvements provide advance positioning accuracy and reliability, provide automated temperature reading with USB probe, provide dll interface for external software control, provide SmartSCAN to reduce scanning time, provide Angular positioner to accommodate various orientations (including “shoot down”) and also launched over 100 measurement parameters. 

例如,符合最新 IEC 标准和 FDA 指导文件的自动诊断和生理报告表,其机械改进提供了先进的定位精度和可靠性,通过 USB 探头提供自动温度读数,提供用于外部软件控制的 dll 接口,提供 SmartSCAN 以减少 扫描时间,提供角度定位器以适应各种方向(包括“击落”),还推出了 100 多个测量参数。

Sound and Vibration

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