01.AMS Asset Monitor

The AMS Asset Monitor manages pervasive sensing while providing prediction, protection and process monitoring capabilities. It is designed to mount at the asset, reducing cabling requirements and other installation costs. It accommodates up to 12 CHARMs including Vibration CHARMs as well as DeltaV CHARMs for process inputs. 

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For larger systems, multiple units can be daisy-chained together to extend the asset coverage. This monitor features an internal Logic Studio with multiple pre-programmed application solutions for easy to understand analysis and alert reporting. The AMS Asset Monitor can be configured to send overall asset health status and alerts to Emerson’s Plantweb Optics asset performance platform and detailed asset data by OPC UA. Detailed asset information is also available on a user’s mobile device or desktop thin client from the monitors internal web-served Asset Studio interface.

------ Hong Kong stress waves

-----HK  S&V Samford stress waves

The AMS Asset Monitor is embedded with Peakvue technology which detects high frequency stress waves and the amplitude of high frequency impacts from bearings.

Apart from bearing detection, The AMS Asset Monitor also provides trend analysis and alarm of the health condition from vibration data and to provide early stage fault diagnostics of the following:

Balance – detects imbalance

Alignment- detects misalignment

Looseness- detects mechanical looseness

Vane/Blade Pass- detects bladed component issues

Flow Turbulence- detects pump cavitation or fan rotating stall

Gear Faults- detects defective gears

Ratio- Computes gear Hunting Tooth ratio matching issues

Rolling Element Bearing Defects- detects failing antifriction bearings

Lubrication- detects antifriction lubrication issues

Electric Motor Problems- detects basic electric motor faults

----stress waves

----stress waves


-Wired or wireless Ethernet deployment for greater flexibility

-Intutive browser-based user interface for easy setup and analysis 

-Applications already onboard and with preset alert limits for faster setup 

-Faster and easier implementation using analysis results presented in plain lanuage



More Details:  The edge analytics device that will change the way you monitor assets.




Channels :     Up to 12 CHARMs
Collection Modes :  Simultaneous or Independent
A/D Resolution / Dynamic Range: 24 bit / Greater than 100dB
Amplitude Accuracy Deviation:   <1%
Repeat Accuracy:  <2% of Full Scale
Units:  SI (Metric) or Imperial (English)
Frequency Units: Hz, CPM, Orders
Scaling: Linear
Monitor Internet Protocol:  OPC UA
Monitor Daisy Chain (up to 8) : (2) 100Mbps Ethernet Ports
Monitor Backhaul to Plant Network: (1) 1Gbps Enternet Port
Dimensions mm(in): 238(9.4)H x 384(15.1)W x 196(7.7)D
Weight (with CHARMS):  7.3kg (16.3 lbs)
Operating Temperature: -40 to 55 °C (-13 to 131 °F)

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