07. Smart Infrared (IR) Windows 智能红外视窗

IW2000, 50mm (2”)/ IW3000, 75mm (3”)/ IW4000, 100mm (4”)

To Protect your equipment, your plant and your personnel using the next generation of IR Windows from CorDEX. The IW Series Incorporating an embedded RFID tag that each UL and CSA recognized. SMART IR Window can communicate wirelessly with any suitably RFID enabled device wirelessly.

Smart Infrared  Windows

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为了保护您的设备、您的工厂及您的员工,您可使用新一代的CORDEX智能红外视窗。这一系列的红外视窗结合了认证每个UL和CSA的功能以及 嵌入式RFID标签功能。CORDEX 的智能红外视窗能与任何能启用的RFID无线设备作出无线通信。



S&V Smart Infrared (IR) Windows

-  The IW Series are fully certified and tested to the following standards: UL50, UL50V and   UL1558

-  Manufactured from industrial grade materials proven to withstand electric arcs

-  Efficient 1/4 turn locking system

-  Intelligent multiple identification system foreach individual window

-  Arc flash tested against a 50kA short circuit for 1 second at 11kV

-  Embedded RFID chip enables open-architecture databasing with any compatible RFID enable device

-  CorDEX CONNECT™ compatible for automatic transmission correct and reporting

-  HYDROGARD™ coated broadband optic, impervious to moisture, mild acids and alkalis – guaranteed

-  Spring loaded impact cover, automatically raises and holds during your IR scan in any orientation

-  Compatible with other SMART tools, saving you time and money

Sound And Vibration

S&V Smart Infrared (IR) Wind


-   CorDEX IW 系列具有UL50、UL50V及UL1558 的认证和测试

-    从工厂级材料至工业级材料都证明了CORDEX智能红外视窗能承受电弧

-    高效1/4圈锁定系统

-    具有多个智能识别系统给予每个单独的窗口

-    弧光针对50kA短路试验,测定在11千伏1秒

-    嵌入RFID芯片使任何兼容的RFID开放式架构的建库都能启用设备。

-    CorDEX CONNECT™软件能自动正确地变速和进行汇报。

-    HYDROGARD™涂有宽频光纤,不透水,温和酸碱度保障。

-    弹簧加防撞盖,CorDEX IW 系列的智能红外视窗能在红外线扫描期间在任何方向自动提升

-    可以兼容其他智能工具,能节省您的时间和金钱。

Sound And Vibration

S&V Smart Infrared (IR) Windows

Smart Infrared (IR) Windows

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