13. Sound Power Testing - Hemispheres

Sound Power Testing - Sound Power made easy

声功率测试- 轻松量度声功率

GRAS 半球型传声器保持架
The hemispheres will hold and position the measurement microphones according to the standards and have been designed with focus on your workflow.



More Details: G.R.A.S  hemispheres

More details

sound and vibration

The hemispheres are very easy to assemble and it is easy to position and access the DUT. Furthermore, in best G.R.A.S. tradition they are optimized acoustically for correct and repeatable measurement data.

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd - Sound Power Testing 易于组装

The structure is made portable to achieve a high degree of freedom of location. This, combined with the easy, toolless assembly in minutes, enables you to save expensive anechoic chamber time and to offer on-site sound power diagnostics.

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd - Sound Power Testing 

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd  -Sound Power Testing 

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