06. ICP low Noise-Seismometer

 ICP low Noise-Seismometer-  for Vibration Monitoring according to DIN 45669

 ICP低噪声地震计 - 用于振动监测,符合DIN 45669标准

SINUS 低噪声地震计

Which is available for Civil Engineering, Construction Site Monitoring, Building Monitoring, Bridge Monitoring, Explosion Detection, Tunnel and Dam Monitoring, Earthquake Detection and VC-criteria om nanotechnology facilities. 

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Tr-axial and uni- axial ruggedized low-noise velocity sensors for multi-purpose applications


S&V Samford

The 902xxx series seismometers from SINUS Messtechnik GmbH were originally developed for use in measurements of building vibration.

SINUS Messtechnik GmbH的902xxx系列地震计最初是为测量建筑物振动而开发的。


They comply fully with the requirements of the DIN 45669 standard.

它们完全符合DIN 45669标准的要求。



The 902xxx series seismometers are based upon an electromagnetic geophone, which satisfies the frequency-and-response requirements of DIN 45669 with the aid of an individually matched compensation filter.  Our special know-how in electronics design in combination with the state-of-the-art, low-noise electronic components guarantee the high degrees of precision and dynamics. 

902xxx系列的地震计基于电磁地震检波器,通过单独匹配的补偿滤波器满足了DIN 45669的频率和响应要求。 SINUS电子设计方面的专业知识与最先进的低噪声电子元件相互结合,确保了高精度和动态性。


Each 3D seismometer of the 902xx series contains three such geophones together with their respective compensation filters. Different sensors (according to their condition and labeling) are required for use in horizontal and vertical positions. 

902xx系列的每个3D地震计包含三个这样的地震检波器以及它们各自的补偿滤波器。 在水平和垂直位置使用不同的传感器(根据其状况和标签)。


The 902xxx series seismometers are potentially applicable for scientific purpose and for earthquake monitoring, so long as the dynamic range and frequency response is taken into consideration.




A Unique and very convenient feature of the 902xxx series seismometers is their ICP sensor interface.

This allows the sensors to be directly used with any measurement device having an ICP input (4mA @24V)


这使得传感器可以直接用于任何具有ICP输入的测量设备(4mA @ 24V)



No additional power supply is necessary.


The ICP power supply and the requirements of DIN 45669 determine the frequency response of the seismometer.

ICP电源和DIN 45669的要求决定了地震计的频率响应。


The dynamic range is extremely wide(>130dB). 动态范围极宽(> 130dB)

Thus, the seismometers have a dynamic range 30dB wider than that of high-quality MEMS sensors. Vibration velocities in the range from 0.1 µm/s up to 3m/s can be measured. The sensitivity of 30V/m/s is absolutely sufficient for modern measurement devices with high-quality 24-bit analog-to-digital converters. 

因此,地震计的动态范围比高质量MEMS传感器宽30dB。 可以测量0.1μm/ s至3m / s范围内的振动速度。 对于具有高质量24位模数转换器的现代测量设备,30V / m / s的灵敏度绝对足够。



After its internal end-of-line test by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH, each seismometer is tested and calibrated by our cooperation partner SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik and Akustik Dresden GmbH in their role as DKD/ DAkkS accredited testing institutes. /the /DAkkS calibration certificate is provided within the scope of delivery. 

经过SINUS Messtechnik GmbH内部的终端测试后,每个地震计都由SINUS的合作伙伴SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik和Akustik Dresden GmbH作为DKD / DAkkS认可的测试机构进行测试和校准。 / / DAkkS校准证书在供货输送范围内提供。



Build-in filters according to DIN 45669 for easy use with any high-end data-logger/analyzer

内置过滤器符合DIN 45669标准,易于与任何高端数据记录仪/分析仪配合使用

Through the internal analog compensation filters, which are individually adapted to each geophone, the sensors meet the requirements of DIN 45669 regarding: 

通过内部模拟补偿滤波器,它们可以单独适应每个地震检波器,传感器符合DIN 45669关于以下要求:

Lower detection limit: 0.1 µm/s              检测下限:0.1μm/ s

Linearity/ Phase: class 1                        线性/相位:1级

Cross-axis sensitivity: < 5%                  横轴灵敏度:<5%



Easy set-up, commissioning and administration of the measuring stations and the entire system



Preferred measurement devices for the seismometers are the Apollo family from SINUS Messtechnik GmbH:

来自SINUS Messtechnik GmbH, 用于地震计的优选测量装置是Apollo系列:

Apollo_Box :  portable 4-channel device with USB interface for connection to PC (用于连接PC、带USB接口的便携式4通道设备)

Soundbook : Robust, portable 8-channel device integrated with Panasonic Toughbook (与Panasonic Toughbook集成的坚固、便携式8声道设备)

NoiseLOG :    Soundbook with additional protection case and battery/charger (配有额外保护套和电池/充电器的Soundbook)

Typhoon:       19” Track with high-end industrial PC forup to 96 channels (19寸追踪高端工业PC,最多可达96个频道) 

Swing :            permanent measurement station with 4/8/16 channels in a wall-mount case (IP 54) and remote-control via TCP/IP. Additional sensors are available, e.g. outdoor microphone, weather station, video camera… (永久测量站,4/8/16通道,壁挂式外壳(IP 54),通过TCP / IP进行远程控制。可以使用其他传感器,例如户外麦克风、气象站、摄像机......) 


Software packages for real-time measurement, monitoring and post-processing from SINUS

SINUS Messtechni GmbH offers the full solution for measurement and analysis of vibration data including post-processing 为振动数据的测量和分析提供完整的解决方案,包括后处理:



SAMURAI is the multi-purpose software package for real-time measurement and analysis including vibration measurement according to the DIN 45669 (SAMURAI option Building Acoustics recommended).

SAMURAI是用于实时测量和分析的多功能软件包,包括根据DIN 45669(推荐选项Building Acoustics)的振动测量。

The software allows the parallel measurement of noise and vibration according to the IEC 61672 and DN 45669 standards. A wide range of additional software options is available. 该软件允许根据IEC 61672和DN 45669标准并行测量噪声和振动。提供广泛的附加软件选项。



This software package allows automatic monitoring with GPS-synchronized noise & vibration monitoring stations for explosion detection and similar applications.

All data and commands are transferred via Internet or LAN connection.





The AUDITOR software package allows post-processing of vibration measurement data in combination with the noise measurement data, weather data and NoiseCAM- video documentation. 



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