11. Compact 16- to 32-channel measurement system- Tornado

This compact, mobile measuring station is ideally suited for both stationary and mobile use. Special features are the fan-less design and the 3-way power supply from AC, DC and battery (V-mount battery on the back of the device for up to 6 hours of autonomous operation).

这款紧凑型移动测量站非常适合固定或移动使用。 它特殊功能是无风扇设计和交流、直流和电池的三路电源(设备背面的V型电池可实现长达6小时的自主操作)。

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The station allows installation of up to four Apollo PCI-Express measuring cards. Additional connectors for external GPS system synchronisation and 8x SLOW channels are available.

该测量站允许安装最多四个Apollo PCI-Express测量卡。 可提供用于外部GPS系统同步和8x SLOW通道的附加连接器。


The Tornado measurement system features an extremely robust design at a moderate weight. The folding carrying handle at the top is suited for transport and installation of the instrument in the filed (e. g. in a vehicle).

Tornado测量系统采用极其坚固的设计,重量适中。 顶部的折叠式提手适于在仪器中(例如在车辆中)运输和安装仪器。


The Tornado measurement system is especially well suited for Tornado测量系统特别适用于 :

-Data acquisition and analysis 数据采集和分析

-Customized multi-channel vibro-acoustic measuring instruments 自定义多通道振动声学测量仪器

-Sound power measurements 声功率测量

-Noise and vibration monitoring 噪音和振动监测

-Machinery and equipment status monitoring 机械和设备状态监测

-Acoustic camera 声学相机

-Quality assurance 质量保证

-Research and development 研究与开发


The Tornado measurement system is fully compatible with the type-approved Soundbook_MK2 measurement system Tornado测量系统与经过型式认可的Soundbook_MK2测量系统完全兼容


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