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S&V JUNE 2017 Newsletter


Special Event   特别活动

The Next Generation “Hi-Res” Headphone Testing (R&D) & 45CC (Including Bluetooth) 

新一代高解析耳機聲學測試方法(包括藍牙連接方法)RD)和G.R.A.S. 生产线耳机测试系统(含蓝芽)耳机研讨会


Monthly Frature Products



New Multifunction Sound Calibrator – G.R.A.S. 42AG

   新型多功能声音校准器 -      G.R.A.S.42A

-  2 Channel Power Module- G.R.A.S. 12AA 

   2 通道 电源模块 G.R.A.S.12AA

Fiber Optic Hydrophone ONDA HFO-69 

  光纤水听器 ONDA HFO-69

ONDA HGL Hydrophones




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  • 02. HGL Hydrophones
    02. HGL-series Golden Lipstick Hydrophones

    The HGL Series hydrophones were designed to meet or exceed recommendations of section 3.3.2 of the AIUM Acoustic Output Measurement Standard (May 1998). They have an exceptionally flat sensitivity in a small and sturdy package. These hydrophones are excellent in-house standards for ultrasonic acoustic intensity measurements, and for general purpose field mapping . s&V More Details: HGL Series

  • 21. Multifunction Sound Calibrator - 42AG
    25. Multifunction Sound Calibrator, class 1 - 42AG

    The GRAS 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator is a portable, battery operated sound source for calibration and check of microphones and sound level meters. It is designed for field use and comes with a protective casing. It conforms to the requirements in IEC 60942 for a class 1 sound calibrator. GRAS 42AG多功能声音校准器是一种便携式电池供电声源,用于校准和检查麦克风和声级计。 它专为现场使用而设计,带有保护外壳。 它符合IEC 60942中对1精度声音校准器的要求。