17. FFT analyzer - All-in-one portable analyzer

The ONOSOKKI FFT analyzer is an All -in-one portable analyzer. All the FFT analysis can be performed with integrated hard keys and touch panel (a capacitance type) without requiring an external PC for analysis. 

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The new, exclusively developed 100kHz high-performance analysis front-end system incorporating a 24-bit A/D converter enables easier and more reliable analysis of noise and vibration generated by plant lines, pumps, motors, automobiles, railway vehicles, home electrical appliances and devices, and electrical and electronic parts than previous models. The CF-9200 and CF-9400 also offer solutions for field workers in their FFT analysis, including the resonance and frequency characteristics of mechanical structures in a vibrating environment with electromagnetic vibrators and impulse hammers.




  Key and a touch panel for quick, light and intuitive operation 

  With the CF-9000 series, basic FFT analysis operations such as display, measurement, stopping,     

  recording and readout can be made positively and quickly through the large hard keys. The touch panel

  provides an intuitive interface, allowing the operator to easily perform a range of operations with a

  swipe or tap, such as selecting the number of waveforms displayed and extending or shortening the X   

  and Y axes to the desired scale.

Sound and Vibration

- Flexible  

  Hot-swap & Cordless 5 hours operation

  With the CF-9000 series, the two on-board, large-capacity lithium ion secondary batteries enable

  continuous cordless operation of up to 5 hours*1. The hot-swap function allows the batteries to be

  replaced while the unit is powered on, enabling the analysis or recording operation to continue while 

  eliminating the need for resetting. The unit can also be recharged while in operation*2, helping to

  reduce the number of peripherals that would otherwise be needed.


  *1When CF-9400 4ch CCLD ON.
  *2Full recharge takes 8 to 9 hours with the power on and 4.5 to 5 hours with the power off.


- Versatile

   Recording & performing analysis(FFT or RTA) Simultanouesly 

   The  unit is compact but versatile, capable of carrying out a range of operations from FFT analysis,   

   real-time octave analysis (RTA)*1 and rotation tracking analysis*2, to linear/log sweep analysis using

   signal output and electromagnetic vibrator control*3. The unit can also perform simultaneous analysis

   and recording operations, allowing offline analysis back in the office using the CF-9000 main unit and

   software applications.


*1 Octave analysis software (CF-0923) is required.
*2 Tracking analysis software (CF-0922) is required.
*3 Log sweep/excitation control software (CF-0942) is required.


- Quiet

   Noise or vibration-free operation ina fan-less, spindle-less design

   The CF-9000 series offer high performance without fans or spindles. The unit does not produce

   mechanical operating noise or vibration, and so cannot be a source of noise or vibration in acoustic or     

   vibration measurement/recording locations.

   The unit can be operated remotely on a tablet etc. via wireless LAN adapter*. *Using Microsoft®

   "Remote Desktop."

S&V samford

Standard fuction 

-Real-time tripartite graph / VC Curves*display function (New)

-Wide & Dynamic range 

- Isolated all inputs

- CCLD equipped, TEDS avaliable

- Easy operationthrough a touch panel interface

- Reliable inputswith the new hard keys

- Highly visitble LED indicators

- Cable disconnection detecting function


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