29. Torque Meter - TQ-5300

ONO SOKKI Torque Meter - TQ-5300

For TQ-2000 series High-stiffness Torque Detector

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TQ-5300 Torque meter, used with the TQ-2000 series High-stiffness torque detector, can convert the pulse output of the detector to digital torque value and analog voltage output.


Four kinds of digital interface (newly added EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CAN, and existing RS-232C) are provided as options as digital output, which allow digital communication at higher speed. These digital interfaces can output torque measurement value without decreasing accuracy that the torque detector originally has.

High speed response analog output is enabled by adopting periodical calculation method to convert it for every one cycle of the pulse.


Remote I/O function, communication function, and interlock function are provided as standard, which are very useful for assembled system.

Optional multi-range function (TQ-0536) covers settings for multiple torque capacities in one torque detector.



Four kinds of digital output 

 - High accuracy output of torque measurement value

 - Digital interface (option)  

     EtherCAT (TQ-0535)

     PROFIBUS (TQ-0534)

     CAN (TQ-0533)

     RS-232C (TQ-0532)


Multi-range measurement function

Optional multi-range function (TQ-0536) covers settings for multiple torque capacities in one torque detector. No need to replace a torque detector for measurement of different torque capacities. You can easily switch measurement range by saving information of the torque detector including factor, capacity, etc. in advance


- Up to 3 of range settings for different torque capacity
- Range switching by menu mode or external mode.
- Measurement error is prevented by checking current range setting with range output when switching ranges in external mode.


Analog output at high speed response

Signal output frequency detected by the TQ-2000 detector fluctuates according to the amount of torque detected. The TQ-5300 torque meter calculates for every one cycle the frequency which corresponds to the detected torque amount, and outputs them as analog signal at high response. It enables optimum control by following up the transient torque having wide fluctuation.


Used with TQ-2000 series High Stiffness Torque Detector

TQ-2000 series high stiffness torque detector is optimum for the motor torque test which requires high speed rotation such as a motor for driving EV/HEV.


Analog output of rotation speed

Simultaneous analog output of torque·rotation speed value.
Using TQ-0531 (option) enables 2-ch output of torque signal.
This function is helpful when you use outputs in different purpose. For example, you can output data for controlling and recording with a single torque meter.


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