11. TH-3000/3000H Series - Micro capacity type high-sped rotation torque detector

TH-3000/3000H Series

Micro capacity type

high-sped rotation torque detector


TH-3000 series is a torque detector designed for very low torque (less than 2 N· m) with high response and high accuracy. Two types are available depending on your applications.

More details

The TH-3000 series is standard type, and the TH-3000H is for high speed rotation.

It enables accurate torque detection from small precise machines and other machineries with high resolution. Excellent at response, torque ripple produced in actual rotation speed can also be measured.


The TH-3000 series works for development of a small rotating object which is required energy efficiency and noise-free. Selectable from rated torque 0.05 N· m, 0.2 N· m, 0.5 N· m or 2 N· m.


TH-3000/3000H series is used in combination with the TS-2800 Digital Torque Meter. 



- High speed response 

   Up to 5 kHz of torque variation can be detected. (*1)

- High accuracy 

   Measurement in high accuracy of ±0.2 %/F.S. (*2)

- Overload-resistant mechanism

   The original overload-resistant mechanism is adopted to protect the high sensitive detector from       

   overload torque. It can withstand against up to 3 Nm of overload torque. (*3)

-  Line driver output having great noise resistance
   Line driver output with strong noise immunity. Suitable for in-line use.

-  Matching is not necessary at changing cable length
   The matching is not required when the cable length is changed. Up to 50 m of cable can be used.

-  Compatible size with MD series 

    Easy replacement from Ono Sokki’s long selling torque detector MD series. It has same outer

    dimensions to the TH-3000/3000H series.

-  Easy coupling
    Easier to mount coupling because the shaft length to be used has become longer than the 

     previous models.

-  High durability
    Non-contact detection. No moving part brings ease of maintenance and less trouble.


                (*1)       Due to output characteristics of torque meter. The TH-0511 High-speed analog

                              output function (option of the TH-5100 torque meter) is required. The value can be

                              restricted by torsional resonance of equipments.

                 (*2)       Static calibration (average per second)

                 (*3)       The value is maximum overload that the TH-3000 series can withstand when an                                   

                               instantaneous torque is applied, not the maximum value to be used continuously.


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