31. Torque Meter - TS-3200A

ONO SOKKI Digital Torque Meter -  TS-3200A

More details

The TS-3200A is greatly improved in setting and usability with large sized LCD which offers easy and clear view of good contrast. Setting conditions and measurement data can be displayed in the same screen.

Ten torque detection settings can be stored in memory, which is very convenient function when you use several torque detectors. The detector setting can be changed easily at the time for replacement.


Items on a main display can be selected and displayed simultaneously up to 7 items. As well as torque, rotation and output (W) of calculated data, each of maximum value, minimum value, peak to peak value, and ripple ratio can be selected to display. For example, average value and fluctuation range of torque can be monitored at the same time. In addition, the TS-3200A provides a variety of interfaces such as data outputs of 2 channels with analog voltage as standard, digital interfaces and additional functions as options. It may expand possibility of data communication with external equipment for control and data processing.



- Large sized LCD display panel enables displaying up to 7 settings of multi data.
- Greatly improved in setting and usability
- Compact and light weighted, 2/3 by volume, 1/2 by mass (compared to previous model the TS-3100B)
- Provided a variety of interface for control and data communication ( Selectable from RS-232C, GP-IB or - LAN
   interfaces as optional functions )
- Ten torque detection settings can be stored in memory. The setting for each detector can be changed  easily at the
   time for replacement.
- Temperature compensation function---Compensation of temperature data enables higher-accuracy measurement.
- Displays of maximum value, minimum value, peak to peak, and absolute value are available.

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