07. Motor torque detector - MT Series

High-performance motors including ultra-precision motors are used in various fields. Many different types of motors are used in versatile applications, such as ultra-high-speed motors used in home appliances, low-speed motors used in OA equipment and AV equipment, and ultrasonic motors.

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Ono Sokki provides wide variety types of torque detectors as the MT-series. You can select to meet requirements, including measurements for high speed rotation motor, for large capacity motor, for torque ripple, and for cogging torque.


* TS-8700 Torque Station Pro is required for motor characteristics measurement separately in addition to the MT series detector.


Overview Specification

MT series Common Specifications

Torque detection method               MT-8M : Electromagnetic gear type phase difference method

                                                         MT-8T : Electromagnetic induction phase difference method

Bearing method                              Ball bearing type

Torque measurement accuracy     ±0.2 %/F.S.

                                                         ±0.1 %/F.S. (some models of MT-8T(with TH detector))

                                                         **:Combined with TS-8700/7700/B, after N0 compensation,

                                                            1-second averaged value.
                                                         The influences below are excluded.
                                                         1.Fluctuation component coming from equipment component

                                                         2.Resonance component including the target


Motor power supply                          Not included motor power supply

Isolation resistance                          10 MΩ or more (rated voltage: DC 500 V)

Withstand voltage                            AC 1500 V for 1 minutes


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