25. Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration- DR-7100

DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration 


DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration , is a portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration with high accuracy.


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More details

We are now living surrounded by the equipments which make noise and vibration such as a car, a railroad, a household electric appliance and a wind power. These equipments are now required for [more quiet], [more comfortable] and [lower vibration] than ever.


The DR-7100 greatly helps to make such comfortable acoustic environment by recording sound and vibration on site with ease and high accuracy.



Which Included, Data recording with high speed, high accuracy (4 ch 40kHz range 24 bit ), Dynamic range of 90 dB or more, Equipped witha connector for an rotation pulse input, Available for SDHC 8 GB, with a speedy setup by TEDS sensor. Moreover, It contains a Compact body of A-5 size and 2-Unit synchronicity function(option) 


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