10. TH-2000/1000 Series - Small / medium capacity type high-speed rotation Torque Detector

The TH-1000 series torque detectors employ a new magnetic phase difference method with improving functionality while maintaining the advantages of Ono Sokki's conventional torque detectors. 

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They incorporate high durability and long service life---the biggest features of our torque detectors. The new magnetic phase difference method does not require AC power supply to an auxiliary motor for rotation detection change. TH-1000 series is a standard type torque detector with the rotation speed range up to 6000 r/min. The TH-2000 series is a high-speed rotation type which can be used for torque characteristic test of high-speed rotating motor such as an EV/HEV motor, a centrifuge machine or the like. The characteristic data of the detector can be automatically set up on the TH-5100 torque meter when power is turned on.


TH-2000/1000 series is used in combination with the TS-2800 



      -  High accuracy: ±0.1% / F.S.

      -  Suitable for torque characteristic test for high-speed rotating body up to 20,000 r/min.

      -  Long service life: Non contact phase difference method adopted in the rotating and the signal

         detecting section.

      -  Superior noise withstanding: Line driver output with strong noise immunity

      -  Switching of the rotation direction (CW/CCW) is no longer required

      -  High-speed analog output, updating every 50µs

      -  Long distance cable extension up to 50m (matching not required)

      -  CE marking


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