03. Apollo_light Carrier

Apollo_light Carrier


modular, portable data acquisition hardware for sound and vibration analysis,up to 10 Apollo_light analyzers

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Apollo light Carrier


modular, portable data acquisition hardwarefor sound and vibration analysis,up to 10 Apollo_light analyzers


In response to the growing market for modular data acquisition hardware and the increase in customer-specific solutions, we are expanding our range for our multi-channel measurement systems with the Apollo_light Carrier. The data acquisition hardware enables the configuration of individual, modular, portable measuring system structures with a large number of measuring channels using Apollo_light analyzers. In contrast to our proven multi-channel measuring systems Tornado and Typhoon with integrated industrial PC, the Apollo_light-Carrier is connected via USB. There is also the option of dividing them into separate analyzers with a USB interface.


The Apollo_light carrier is specially designed for:

-       Multi-channel data acquisition

-       Engineering services

-       Research and Development

-       Sound power measurement

-       Vibration measurement

-       Modal analysis


Core Features

- A measuring system for several departments in the company
With the Apollo_Carrier, individual Apollo_light analyzers from different departments of a company can be combined into a large measurement system with many measurement channels. The individual Apollo_light analyzers have their own USB interface and can therefore be used as separate measuring devices with a smaller number of channels.


- Flexible channel configuration
With the Apollo_light-Carrier, up to ten Apollo_light analyzers can be combined into one measuring system. The Apollo_light is available in several versions with different numbers of channels. Since level and octave analyzes are already carried out in the Apollo hardware, the Apollo_Carrier is particularly suitable for real-time analysis.

The Apollo_Carrier is operated via an external power supply 10… 20 VDC. The optional battery supplies the measuring system for several hours, depending on the configuration.


- Sample synchronous
The synchronization of the internal Apollo analyzers offers sample synchronicity with less than 0.5 ° phase difference up to a bandwidth of 20 kHz. In addition, the Apollo_Carrier has a SCNC_IN / OUT connection.


- Distributed Applications

When using our Apollo_lt_8D or Apollo_lt_16 analyzers, the connection box for the sensors can be positioned close to the test object. The connection is made via a low-noise, shielded multicore cable with internal coaxial cables.


- User friendly

The Apollo_light analyzers can be pushed into the housing in just a few simple steps. It is connected to a PC via a USB port.

The Apollo_light measuring devices are automatically recognized by the system via plug and play and can easily be activated in the software. The Apollo_Carrier is recognized by our general SINUS driver. This means that the data acquisition hardware is compatible with our SAMURAI software and other alternative software solutions such as MATLAB and PYTHEN. The SAMURAI software offers a clearly structured and flexible channel assignment using the serial numbers of the Apollo_light analyzers. Both the assignment of the measurement channels and the configuration of the analyzes can be saved.



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