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Cadna B 

is the most advanced software for predicting the sound insulation for an entire building.

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CadnaB is the most advanced software for predicting the sound insulation for an entire building. CadnaB can be applied to predict the acoustical performance between rooms in apartment and office buildings, between classrooms in schools, and between rooms in hotels or hospitals. Learn more about the major features of CadnaB:


CadnaB Features


CadnaB calculates the airborne and impact sound transmisson in third-octave band width and for single number values. The calculation is performed for each room pair of an entire building, taking into account various transmission paths.

The following standards are implemented in CadnaB:

- Calculation of airborne sound insulation between rooms according to ISO 12354-1, 2017

- Calculation of impact sound insulation between room according to ISO 12354-2, 2017

- Calculation of airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound according to ISO 12354-3, 2017

- Calculation of all performance parameters according to ISO 717-1 (airborne sound insulation) and ISO 717-2 (impact sound insulation) available

- Calculation of ASTM-parameters (STC, OITC, IIC)



CadnaB features a comprehensive user interface allowing the direct modelling of of an entire multi-storey building from scratch.


Its´ concept is based on the modelling of the whole building. Walls, doors, windows and other elements can be modelled in 2D while seeing the changes in 3D in realtime:


- Numerous junction types are automatically detected by CadnaB depending on the geometry of the walls and the selected constructions.
- In addition to the geometry of the walls and the assigned constructions, doors and  windows can be inserted with a few clicks. The construction of these elements is also selected via the construction browser.
- Furthermore, airborne sound transmitting systems, such as ventilation and cable ducts, can be added.
- Complete buildings can be imported, created from scratch or constructed by copying storeys.




CadnaB provides an easy to use import of BASTIAN worksheets. It also can be connected to CadnaR and CadnaA for an extended transmission calculation from the outside to the inside and vice-versa.


CadnaB offers several import options, such as BASTIAN format. In addition, CadnaB can be connected to CadnaA and CadnaR covering a wide range of applications.


Import of BASTIAN worksheets

CadnaB provides an easy to use import of BASTIAN worksheets. The single room pair can be directly used for calculation according to EN 12354 – Series 2017. If the user activates the compatibility mode to the former series 2000, comparable results to BASTIAN can be generated.

All information required for the calculation is transferred during the import:

- Constructions
- Configuration of calculations
- Interior sources


Interoperability with CadnaA and CadnaR

Connect both CadnaA and CadnaR with CadnaB for an extended transmission calculation from outside to inside and vice versa




Several databases on building element data are available for CadnaB. Additionally, it is possible to add user-defined constructions to your own database.


Candna B 2023 New Features 

- Input option of user defined vibration reduction indexes Kij for flexible handling of flanking transmissions 

- Different vertical and horizontal Dn,f/Dn,f,w inputs for walls possible.

- ISO 12354 - Display of spectra in the results dialog for spectral evaluation parameters.

- DIN 4109 - Optimized automatic requirements detection for DIN 4109-1 and DIN 4109-5.

- DIN 4109 - Option for horizontal impact sound insulation calculation with lightweight partition walls.


More Details: News Features of Cadna B Datasheet


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