Newsletter 2023 - Feb Edition


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SINUS NOISEPAD - Universal 4-channel Noise, Acoustics and Vibration Analyzer

                                国际通用 通道噪声、声学和振动分析仪




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  • 02. The Apollo Light
    02. The Apollo Light

    The Apollo TM  Light S&V New The Light version for our black box acoustic analyzer- especially handy and robust- with USB Interface 带USB接口特别方便和强大的Light版声学分析仪的。 --- USB-based Multi-channel System for Sound & vibration Measurement and Analysis  用于声音和振动测量和分析的USB多声道系统 S&V New The Apollo TM   Light Leaflet

  • 03. Apollo_light Carrier
    03. Apollo_light Carrier

    Apollo_light Carrier   modular, portable data acquisition hardware for sound and vibration analysis,up to 10 Apollo_light analyzers

  • 09. SoundCheck System
    10. SoundCheck System-SoundCheck 20

    Listen 新发布 SoundCheck 20  SoundCheck 20 introduces our state-of-the-art perceptual distortion algorithm for end-of-line testing - Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz. --- More Details: Sound Check System  SoundCheck 20  New Features  Soundcheck 20 new features video