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DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration  ONOSOKKI DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration , is a portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration with high accuracy. ONOSOKKI More Details : DR-7100 

The VC-2200/3200 is a Vibration comparator which is used for maintenance and constant monitoring of production facilities with high accuracy, high function, and low cost in a single unit. Vibration  More Details : Vibration Comparator

The DF-2200 On-Board Flow Meter is a compact on-board fuel flow meter developed for our FP series Volumetric Flow Detector. It accepts pulse signal SIG A and SIG B that have phase differences, and includes the backward flow correction function for back-flow.

MB-2200M10 is an ultra compact and lightweight microphone that enables measurement in narrow spaces, where have been difficult to install, without giving influence to the sound field.

ONO SOKKI Torque Meter - TQ-5300 For TQ-2000 series High-stiffness Torque Detector

ONO SOKKI Digital Torque Meter TS-2800

ONO SOKKI Digital Torque Meter -  TS-3200A

Achieves accurate and wide range of mass flow measurement from small to large flow rate In the field of engine development, it is increasing the requirement for improving the accuracy of the measurement in the small flow rate range, and evaluating the fuel consumption characteristics in transient duration. The FM-3100 enables to meet various requirements...

Achieves high accurate mass flow measurement with a new fuel density meter and volumetric flow detector Improving the energy efficiency of an engine is now an important issue to tackle. The FD-5100 Fuel Density Meter providing real-time measurement and the FP series Volumetric Flow meters with wide rangeability are the best choice for achieving the...

1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier MI Series

1/2-inch Microphone Preamplifier MI-3170  MI-3111

1/4-inch Measurement Microphone and Preamplifier MI-1531/MI-3140

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