26. Vibration Comparator - VC-2200 / 3200

The VC-2200/3200 is a Vibration comparator which is used for maintenance and constant monitoring of production facilities with high accuracy, high function, and low cost in a single unit.


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More details

The VC-2200/3200 Vibration Comparator utilizes high-speed calculation by employing a digital signal processor (DSP) in DIN size. Newly installed TEDS function enables high performance calculation, time reduction, and less human errors in setup.


From the output signal of an accelerometer, the VC-2200/3200 simultaneously judges two different frequencies with one unit. Besides, the data is easily managed with a PC. The VC-2200/3200 has multiple roles including detection, judgment, and data management.


The VC-2200/3200 features checking of "visual and auditory". It has function of checking the vibration with sound by connecting headphones as well as checking the vibration with view by on-screen numerical displays and bar graphs.


The "comparator gate input function" is also equipped which can extract only the necessary vibration phenomenon by controlling the timing signals from a PLC. All of these functions are packed into a compact DIN size (96mm X 96mm).


Since the VC-3200 has digital filters, measurement modes more than the VC-2200, it works effectively in measurement that requires detailed judgment condition settings.


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