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GRAS 44AA Mouth Simulator  GRAS 44AA 仿真嘴

The Bluetooth Measurement Interface , BTC-4149 and  BQC 4149.  用于研发和生产线上的蓝牙测量接口,BTC-4149 和 BQC 4149 More Details: Bluetooth Measurement Interface

GRAS 43AA Ear Simulator GRAS 43AA 耳模拟器 More Details: G.R.A.S Ear Simulator

AmpConnect ISC is an all-in-one audio interface that simplifies your test setup and operation 一体化音频接口-AmpConnect ISC AmpConnect ISC是一体化音频接口,可简化您的测试设置和操作 AmpConnect ISC More Details: AmpConnect ISC 

AudioConnect is a 2-in, 2-out audio interface specifically designed for audio test and measurement. USB操控的音频测试接口 - AudioConnect是一款2进,2出的音频测试接口,专门设计用于音频测试 S&V More Details : AudioConnect 

The world’s only dedicated audio test amplifier 世界上唯一的专用音频测试放大器 More Details :SCAmp Audio Test Amplifier

USB Controlled High Precision Audio Test Interface USB操控的高精度音频测试接口 ---Listen High Precision Audio Test Interface- Audioconnect 4x4 AudioConnect 4×4 is a high accuracy 4-in, 4-out audio interface AudioConnect是一款4进,4出的高精度音频测试接口,专门设计用于音频测试。 S&V Samford  More Details: AudioConnect 4x4 

Impedance Box Known impedance for use in loudspeaker measurements --- An impedance box is necessary for measuring the impedance of a loudspeaker. Listen Inc.’s impedance box contains a 0.25Ω resistance. More Details: Impendance Box

The 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets, and it is built on our vast experience in the field. With a focus on multiple configuration options and accurate and repeatable test results, the test fixture can easily be adapted to many different headphone/headset designs and sizes. 45CC耳机测试夹具用于耳机的双通道测试。 45CC...

HALT- the G.R.A.S. quality mark for your Data Safety HALT refers to the Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests, which is also the quality mark of G.R.A.S. The HALT test of  G.R.A.S. is created to confirm their microphones can perform under a real life situations.   S&V Samford Instrument Ltd More Details: HALT

SoundConnect 2 mic power supply 麦克风电源 2 Channel Microphone Power Supply and Conditioning Amplifier 双通道麦克风电源和调节功放器 --- SoundConnect 2 is a rugged 2-channel USB controlled microphone supply and conditioning amplifier SoundConnect 2是一款坚固的双通道USB控制的麦克风电源和调节功放器。 Listen Inc & S&V Samford More Detail: SoundConnect 2 mic power Supply

VIBER M2™ Vibration monitoring VIBER M2™ VMI VIBER M2™ is a machine guard that with 1 or 2 Channel. The VIBER M2 is designed for standalone guard, but it can send information into a programmable controller or to the monitoring system. Besides, the machine would be stopped or an alarm will be given when the vibration indicates...

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