03. Innova 1403

Innova 1403 

Multipoint Sampler and Doser for Innova Photoacoustic Gas Monitors


More details

More details

The Advanced Energy Innova 1403 is a reliable, easy-to-use multipoint sampler and doser. It combines with the Innova 1512 photoacoustic gas monitor and a controlling computer featuring the Innova 7650 basic ventilation software to offer numerous monitoring capabilities.


It is designed to provide a flexible, sensitive, and accurate monitoring system. The instrument significantly increases the area monitoring capabilities of an Innova gas monitor by drawing air samples through tubing from up to six sampling points (up to 50 m away) and delivering them to the gas monitor.


Designed for remote control from a PC using a USB interface, the Innova 1403 works with an Innova 1512 or 1412i photoacoustic gas monitor to perform comprehensive air exchange analysis and ventilation efficiency.



-   Increase area monitoring capabilities of the gas monitor by collecting air samples through tubing from up

     to six sampling points
-   Full remote control from a PC with Innova ventilation software
-   Factory calibrated dosing system includes automatic calculation of tracer-gas delivered to the dosing

-   Self-test function for verification of the unit's operation




-   Collect air samples from six locations
-   Deliver tracer gas to up to three areas
-   Reduce wait time with sample collection during prior sample analysis
-   Receive errors and warnings on operating status directly in the software
-   Ensure accurate results with factory calibration for SF6 and Freon134a

Sound and Vibration


-   Pneumatic system constructed of AISI-316 Stainless Steel and PTFE tubing to minimize gas adsorption
-   A pressure transducer checks the efficiency of the sampling pump
-   Two dosing types available: pulsed injection for decay measurements or constant dose for flow

-   Measurement results available in numerical and graphical curve views



Application Notes for Ventilation 

INNOVA 1403 Data Sheet

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