Pluvi-ONE is a data logger dedicated to rain monitoring plus other related quantities for hydrological applications where early warnings activities are required. Pluvi-ONE has a series of unique features currently available in a single device and represents the current "state of the art" for rain measurement system and early warnings activity in hydrometric monitoring networks.

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- Linux operating system for data processing and communications. Open architecture based on

  integrated Linux PC

- Smart rain analysis: totals, intensity, mobile total, current total

- Integrated web server for real-time data, diagnostic information and data download to Excel files via

  Internet browser

- Alarms: use of instant messaging system MQTT, SMS, email and local digital outputs

- 400 Mb large multi-level data memory. Removable 8 Gb external memory

- 3G/4G communication, wireless router, Ethernet, WIFI, satellite. Redundant dual system with

  automatic switch from one mode to another

- Data communication protocols: Modbus TCP data, FTP (client/server), SFTP, SMTP, SAP, MQTT, HTTP

- Setup of the correction formula for Class A Rain gauges. Management of double Rain gauge with 

  redundancy logics and data quality

- Additional inputs for optional sensor: Temperature, RH%, Water Level, Storm front distance

- Remote system configuration also via modem, without the need of fixed IP SIM Card with or VPN.

  Data logger configuration saved on FTP server ready for its upload on a remote Alpha-Log system. 

  Local uploading using USB Flash drive or connected PC

- Remote firmware update



Hydrology and Hydrogeology (Water resource management hydrogeological risk applications)

Landfill (Waste Cycle)


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