02C. METEOROLOGICAL SENSORS - Wet temperature sensor (Tnw)

Thermometer probe with wet bulb and natural ventilation. ISO7726 standard. The Pt100 element is closed inside a wet cotton sock from a water tank. The water tank has a high reflection factor to avoid water temperature increase due to radiant sources. This sensor is needed for WBGT (ISO77243) heat stress index assessment.

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     -   Wet temperature measurement with natural ventilation as required for the calculation of the

          WBGT index (ISO7243) in fixed and/or outdoor installation;

     -    Disegnaed as described in the ISO7726 standard for the "wet bulb temperature";

     -    1/2 litre water tank for more than 30 days water autonomy;

     -    Well protected by the solar radiation;

     -    In-house ISO17025 calibration laboratory;

     -    Accessories for 4-20mA and RS485 output.



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