02F. METEOROLOGICAL SENSORS - Cups and vane anemometer

Combined wind speed and wind direction sensor. This sensor range includes, in a single apparatus, transducers for both wind speed and wind direction measurement. 

More details

Its use simplifies installation requirements, other than being smaller, lighter and cheaper than the general 2-sensors kit. Accuracy and thresholds are anyway near to be comparable with a 2-sensors cup and vane kit alternatives. Different data output signals are available.




      -   Alternative signal outputs: (Hz+0-1 V), 0-5 V, 4-20 mA, RS485 Modbus

      -   Wide power supply: 9-30 Vac/dc

      -   Simple to install on pole 5 cm diameter

      -   High demage threshold up to 75 m/s

      -   Optional cable up to L.100 m In house

      -   ISO17025 accreditate calibration laboratory


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