05. Portable wireless WBGT meter - Heat Shield

Heat Shield meter displays on-line WBGT indoor& outdoor index plus Heat Index and Humidex indexes. Furthermore, if ESV125 anemometer is connected, Heat Shield can calculate directly the PMV-PPD comfort index (ISO7730). 

More details

Thanks to its built-in radio technology, Heat Shield can support up to two satellite units to assess analysis at different levels or in diffe-rent locations. It is possible to download the stored data using HS Manager PC program included with Heat Shield. From HS Manager it is also possible to export the data to GIDAS TEA program, used for further thermal environments analysis as Predicted Heat Strain (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ), Duration Limit of the exposition (Dlim). GIDAS-TEA program will also allow in-depth analysis of WBGT, PMV and PPD indexes (read Gidas-TEA catalogue MW9006-ENG-06)



      -  Quick, real-time, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor heat stress WBGT index (ISO7243).

      -  Real-time assessment of the thermal comfort PMV- PPD index (ISO7730)

      -  Verification probe for assessment of the system calibration

      -  Built-in radio technology for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different locations/heights

      -  Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions

      -  8 MB memory for extended data logging

      -  Battery Life: 200h (with radio on 20h)

      -  Automatic start/stop of measurements

      -  Design and performances according to ISO7243 and ISO7726

      -  HS Manager program included for data downloading, data assesment and data reporting.

      -  Data export to TEA software for additional features, including additional index calculation as:

          Predicted Heat Strain (PHS-ISO7923), Required Clo-thing Insulation (IREQ-ISO11079) index.


Main features

Heat Shield is equipped with built-in sensors to measure:

      -   globe temperature (tg)

      -   wet bulb temperature (tnw)

      -   dry bulb temperature (ta)

      -   relative humidity (rh)

      -   air speed (va).


Heat Shield calculates on-lie and display the following indexes:
      -    WBGT indoor and outdoor index (ISO7243). Up to 3 locations simultaneously when satellite units
           are used
      -     Head - Torso-Ankle weighted average WBGT (ISO7243)
      -     Heat index according to 1990 National Service (NWS) Technical Attachment (SR 90-23)
      -     Humidex according to J.M. Masterton and F.A. Richardson of Canada's Atmospheric Environment
            Service equation (1979)
      -     PMV-PPD (ISO7730) comfort index when anemometer sensoris connected. Metabolism (met),
            Cloth (Clo) and Mechanical ratio (ETA) values are required for the subject under evaluation.

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