A Rain gauge is a device to measure liquid rain fall amount and intensity. The device is composed of a rain collector cone and a double-chamber tipping bucket connected to a magnet. The magnet operates one reed switch, which generates impulses that can be counted by external meters. 

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Siphon: DQA230.1/231.1 versions are equipped with a siphon placed on the cone’s nozzle; it has function during heavy rain, to regulate the flow into the bascule permitting all the water to fall inside the tipping bucket. This solution gives its best results where the main need is the measurement of the total amount of rain over long periods. Class A rain gauges: DQA230/231/235/236 versions have the “Class A” class accuracy as described by the UNI11452:2012 standard this class is the most accurate class for intensity measurement. For the Class A accuracy achievement, a correction formula on the data acquisition system is required.




      -   Design made in compliance to WMO Class A (UNI11452:2012) accuracy over intensity (see PN)

      -   Syphone to adjust the water flow (see PN)

      -   Allumium made for rugged installations

      -   Heated versions availability (see PN)

      -   Inpulse output and external optional devices for 4-20 mA or Modbus outputs (XLA003.1/003.2)



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