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手电筒- Genesis Flashlights

ATEX and IECEx certified, GENESIS lighting products are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability with power, longevity and flexibility at your fingertips.

CorDex Genesis Flashlights



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S&V Samford Instruments Ltd-. CorDex Genesis Flashlights

-  Every Product in our flashlight range is manufactured from the higest quality aircraft alminuim

-  FL Series flashlights are impact resistant, shockprood and are so durable, you can even use them underwater

-  Not only are these probably the most rugged industrial flashlights on the market today, they are also Intrinsically Safe

-  Incoporting super bright, white light LEDs powered by off-the-shelf batteries, FL Series Flashlights Pack a big punch in a compat package 



-CorDEX 手电筒系列中的每项产品都是由最高质量的飞机铝制造的


-CorDEX 手电筒系列,不仅是目前市场上可能最坚固耐用的工业手电筒。同时,它们更是本质安全产品。




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