03. Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge- 超声波测量仪

ATEX & IECEx Certified UT5000 Thickness Gauge 


ATEX IECEx 认证UT5000超声波测量仪

Non-Invasive, next generation thickness gauge, UT5000 is the thickness gauge of choice for rugged environments.



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UT5000 Intrinsically Safe thickness gauge ( 超声波测量仪)  with the CorDEX software- CorDEX CONNECT™ can help you to conduct the measurement of the metal thichness for the Non- Destrucive Testing (NDT) and Predictive Maintenance (Pdm) on the pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations. 


UT5000 超声波测量仪可以配合CorDEX 软件—CorDEX CONNECT一块使用,超声波测量仪于令使用者在危险场所内为管道及固定设备进行金属厚度上的无损检测(NDT)和预测性维护(PDM)的测量。

CorDEX 超声波测量仪

S&V Samford Instruments

S&V Samford InstrumentsLtd.  

In any explosive environment, UT5000 can measure the thickness and detect safety problems virually. 

The Ruggedized transducer and Brass wear ring prevent undue wear on the transducer surface and ensure the UT5000 is as tougher than most.








-  ATEX and IECEx Certified for Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous areas Features CorDEX -CONNECT™ Intrinsically safe probe supplied as standard full Colour, backlit screen

-  EchoEcho Technology to measure thickness through painted surfaces

-  Drop-down menus to select the correct material velocity

-  Multiple calibration and zeroing modes for repeatable accuracy

-  On-board data recorder and RFID scanner, store up to a thousand automatically linked to tag location

-  Menu ‘flip’ function allows use by both left and right handed technicians





-获得ATEX 及IECEx 1区IIC T4 危险区域环境认证。

- CorDEX -CONNECT™ 能全彩色、背光屏幕,并设有本质安全探测功能。

- 回音技术能通过油漆表面厚度测量。




- 菜单“翻转”功能的设计方便左手或右手使用者使用。




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