15. LA-3560 High Function Sound Level Meter

LA-3560 are emphasis on “measuring while listening to sound” It is designed as the additional features of the original measurement and calculation. 

Sound and Vibration

More Details: ONOSOKKI High Function Sound Level Meter

More details

LA-3000 upgraded to an analyzer, a recorder, and a comparator (more than just a sound level meter) by expanding its options.

Sound and Vibration measurement

The measurements become more efficient since the analysis, recording and the measurements can be performed by a single item of equipment. 

Sound and Vibration measurement


Sound and Vibration

Furthermore, the LA-3000 featured with an easy-to-see 3.5-inch large screen that can display maximum four different sound level calculation simultaneously (Quad-Channel screen), an easy operation system with direct keys, wide linearity range of 110dB (can operate without switching) and operational during listening and record the sound under measurement.

Last but not least, the LA-3560 High Function Sound Level Meter conforms to the IEC 61672-1 and JIS C 1509-1. 

Sound and vibration 

S&V Instruments measurement

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Sound and Vibration

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