• Newsletter-  2018 January Edition 

    Monthly Feature Products 每月特色产品     -New!  Listen INC      新产品      SoundCheck 16      -ONO SOKKI       TQ Series Torque meter & Detector   TQ系列扭矩仪和探测器      - SINUS        SoundBook_MK2  Download  下载
  • Newsletter-  December Edition 

    Monthly Feature Products -New! CADNA 2018  -New ! SINUS Noise Pad  -New! CorDEX Toughpix Digitherm  Download 下载
  • Newsletter- NOV Edition

    Monthly Feature Products - New! High Resolution Ear Simulator -RA0401    新产品! 高分辨率耳模拟器 G.R.A.S. -RA0401  -New! Rugged Free-Field Microphone Set -146AE-HT     新产品! 坚固的自由麦克风套装 G.R.A.S. -146AE-HT  - High Performance Sound Level Meter ONO Sokki LA-7000 series     高性能声级计 ONO Sokki LA-7000 系列  - Effective long-term noise monitoring via internet -SINUS MUNISENSE  ...
  • S&V 2017 Taipei Headphone Seminar

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  • ISEAT 2017

    S&V Samford Instruments LTD will participate jointly with Listen and G.R.A.S.  in the 6th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Tenologies.  The Venue and Date are as follow :  Theme: 6th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies Date: 2017.11.4-5 Venue: Shenzhen China Organized by:     Institute of Acoustics,...