Newsletter - October 2016

Included the NEWS of Electro- acoustic testing – SoundCheck15, Next Generation of Headphone testing (KEMAR, New Improved Pinna, Low-noise Simulator), Aeroacoustics (Aerospace, Automotive & Rail transportation) ,Noise Source Location System and Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera

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  • 01. MEZZO Sound Intensity Probe
    01. SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO

    The SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO  provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for sound intensity measurements. SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO  is designed to be used with a tablet PC or any other Windows-based PC, the MEZZO Intensity. More Details: SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO   Intensity   Probe Mezzo Sound Intensity Probe Spec Sheet

  • 01. Digital Camera
    02. Digital Camera- 防爆数码相机

    防爆数码相机  ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION: The full colour armoured display, and the rating of IP54 industrial protection , ToughPIX II allows you to record and playback video and  pictures in the field in the most demanding industrial environments. ---CorDEX Digital Camera TOUGHPIX II TRIDENT 拥有全彩色显示屏、IP54工业防护等级,让您于严峻的工业环境中录制、播放图片和视频 More Details : CorDEX Digital Cameras  -- 防爆数码相机 -- 防爆数码相机介绍

  • The Aeroacoustics tool box
    04. The Aeroacoustics tool box

    G.R.A.S. has developed a wide range of acoustic sensors and dedicated accessories for testing in both anechoic and hard-walled wind tunnels in the near and far field, at low and high wind speeds. GRAS 开发了各种声学传感器和专用配件,专用于在近场和远场的消声和硬壁风洞中进行低风速和高风速的测试。 S&V Samford Instruments Ltd.  More Deatails: Acoustic sensors Brochure

  • 04. KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator
    05. Head and Torso Simulator

    Head and Torso Simulator - G.R.A.S 45bb KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator(人头及躯干模拟器) :   s&V 人头及躯干模拟器  is a configurable acoustic research tool that simulates the changes that occur to sound waves as they pass a human head and torso. Its equivalent with mouth simulator is G.R.A.S. 45BC KEMAR Head & Torso, non-configured S&V Samford Instruments Ltd.    More details: G.R.A.S _KEMAR