22. The Time-Series Data Analysis Software, OS-2000 Series

The Time-Series Data Analysis Software


OS-2000 Series have been received well as time-series data analysis software which can perform flexible data-edit from huge amount of time-series data. 


More Details:  Onosokki OS-2000 Time-Series Data Analysis 

More details

The OS-2000 series can handle original format of other company's recorder and general-purpose formats of CSV and WAVE. In addition, simultaneous display, layout and overlapping can be performed smoothly without restrictions by the kind of data format or the number of sampling frequency.


The OS-2000 series can simultaneous display of different data formats, freely layout and overlapping 

Waveform of different sampling frequency can be displayed simultaneously.

The lower waveform in the right figure is sampling frequency ten times higher than the upper waveform.


As well as simultavnous display of entire waveform and enlarged waveform, wide ranges of editing function are also provided including cutting out. 


Besides, The OS - 2000 is capable of direct reading in original data format of various measurement devices 

Binary data of each device made by TEAC, HIOKI or YOKOGAWA can be read directly without data conversion to text format.
The OS-2000 series are expected to further practical use on various measurement scenes in combination with such measurement devices. (Please click a banner to open each company's website.)


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