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Special microphones 特殊麦克风 GRAS Special microphones are often required for applications where there are particular requirements regarding the methods of measurements and configurations. GRAS More Details: Special microphones

43BB Low-noise Ear Simulator System 43BB低噪音耳模拟器系统 --- Volume: 1260 mm³ @ 500 HzDyn range: 10.5 dB(A) to 113 dBBased on IEC 60318-4 GRAS S&V The GRAS 43BB is a low-noise, high-sensitive ear simulator system for measurements of sound pressure levels close to or below the threshold of human hearing. GRAS 43BB是一款低噪音,高灵敏度的耳模拟器系统,用于测量接近或低于人类听觉阈值的声压级。...

Acoustic Camera - SOUNDCAM Ultra SoundCam Ultra is the first camera that images audible sound and ultrasound. The device locates sound sources in realtime and immediately displays the results on the screen. It is as easy to use as a smartphone.

Any smart device, any measurement 任何智能设备,任何测量 ------ SoundCheck offers simple, fast and accurate ‘open loop’ testing of any smart device – no matter what the form factor, functionality, connector, or additional features. SoundCheck 可为任何智能设备提供简单、快速和准确的“开环”测试——无论其外形尺寸、功能、连接器或附加特性如何。 ----- Voice Controlled Audio Devices Brochure  声控音频设备小册子

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