Newsletter 2021 - June EDITION

Listen Inc. 

Review the Advanced Microphone Measurement Webinar 

麦克风 测试进阶篇网络研讨会回顾

New Release 最新发布 : Listen Inc. AmpConnectTM 621



 Torque Detector – RH series

 扭矩检测器 系列




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  • 04. NEW ! Torque Detector - RH series
    04. NEW ! Torque Detector - RH series

    The RH series makes torque measurement range wider beyond expectation. As the shift to electrification of various products, the development of quieter and higher quality motors has been required. The RH series can accurately detect torque fluctuations with high rigidity, and supports high-speed rotation.

  • 13. AmpConnect 621
    13. (NEW!) AmpConnect 621

    AmpConnect 621 High resolution multichannel audio interface with 6 inputs, 2 line outputs, 1 amplifier output (plus everything else you need for audio testing!) —————— More details :Listen website