Newsletter 2018 - July Edition

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-Listen Inc. 

 SoundCheck 16


   KEMAR & 45cc耳机测试夹具


 -Spectro Scientific  (New!)

   MicroLab Series


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  • 01. Next Generation Headphone Testing
    01. Next Generation Headphone Testing

    Better testing means better products -The headphone market is expanding rapidly these years. Advances in technology have allowed for not only production of headphones in a wide range of types and forms, but also improved performance and connectivity. 耳机声学测试 More Details: New Headphone Testing

  • 02. MicroLab® Series
    02. MicroLab® Series

    MicroLab® Series The MicroLab® combines automation and artificial intelligence in an all-in-one oil analysis tool. Oil Analysis 15 minutes to comprehensive oil analysis -Can be operated by maintenance staff, no chemist required -Fully automated operation and cleaning -Easy to understand reports with color-coded alarm limits and diagnostic statements Read More :Brochure 

  • 04. KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator
    05. Head and Torso Simulator

    Head and Torso Simulator - G.R.A.S 45bb KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator(人头及躯干模拟器) :   s&V 人头及躯干模拟器  is a configurable acoustic research tool that simulates the changes that occur to sound waves as they pass a human head and torso. Its equivalent with mouth simulator is G.R.A.S. 45BC KEMAR Head & Torso, non-configured S&V Samford Instruments Ltd.    More details: G.R.A.S _KEMAR

  • 09. SoundCheck System
    10. SoundCheck System-SoundCheck 20

    Listen 新发布 SoundCheck 20  SoundCheck 20 introduces our state-of-the-art perceptual distortion algorithm for end-of-line testing - Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz. --- More Details: Sound Check System  SoundCheck 20  New Features  Soundcheck 20 new features video