Newsletter 2018 -Feb Edition

S&V Samford

Monthly Feature Products 每月特色产品



High Temperature Accelerometers 高温加速度计



Ultraminiature Microphone 超小型麦克风


- 01dB   




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  • 03. Low Power Sensors
    03. Low Power Sensors

    CTC offers low power consumption sensors for use with battery powered wireless signal transmission systems.  CTC’s low power consumption sensors are compatible with many wireless transmission systems, and available in sensitivity of 25mV/g and 100 mV/g.

  • 10. Noise Source
    09. Noise Source

    01dB NOISE SOURCES 01dB offers a complete range of measuring instruments, software and accessories for building noise measurements.  A complete range of noise sources is available to characterize the internal acoustic of a room and / or the airborne noise insulation: 01DB

  • 20. Ultraminiature Microphone : MB-2200M10
    28. Ultraminiature Microphone : MB-2200M10

    MB-2200M10 is an ultra compact and lightweight microphone that enables measurement in narrow spaces, where have been difficult to install, without giving influence to the sound field.