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ApolloTM  PCl Express Cards  Quality and performance of Soundbookcombined with an idividual hardware configuration  PCI measuring cards for your PC or as configurable customized PC solution ApolloTM  PCIe- PCI Express Cards 

BF- 3100 4 ch Beam Forming software is Sound Source Visualization software using Beam Forming and the calculation method that Ono Sokki has originally developed.  4ch Beam Forming Software It obtains a compact and lightweight design using only 4 microphones that providers good protability and wide range of measurement area.  BF-...

TANGO Sound Level meter for occupational noise measurement  用于职业噪声测量的声级计 Integrating basic sound level meter  基本的集成声级计 PTB model registration 21.21/12.04  PTB模型注册21.21 / 12.04 More Details : TANGO 

TANGO Plus  Intrgrating Sound Level Meter type 1: IEC 61672 1/3 octave analyser : IEC 61260 TANGO Plus provides General sound level measurements , you can conduct noise measurements, environmenal noise at  the workplace and monitor the traffic noise. 提供一般声级测量,您可以在工作场所进行噪声测量,环境噪声并监控交通噪声。 Tango plus Both 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis in real-time 

MUNISENSE -The Effective long-term noise monitoring via internet  S -It is an autonomous noise monitoring stations 是一个自主噪声监测站 -It is able to conduct wireless communication within the network 能够在网络内进行无线通信 -The continuous data is available to store on the server 可用于连续数据储存的服务器上 -Provides flexible web interface to users ...

The (New)  CadnaA 2023  -- CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the leading software for the calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. 

Apollo_light Carrier   modular, portable data acquisition hardware for sound and vibration analysis,up to 10 Apollo_light analyzers

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