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The SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for sound intensity measurements. SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO  is designed to be used with a tablet PC or any other Windows-based PC, the MEZZO Intensity. More Details: SoftdB Sound Intensity Probe - MEZZO ...

Designed to be used with tablet PC or any other Windows based PC, the MEZZO Precision Microphone takes advantage of the DSP capability for signal processing, and flexibility of computers for display, storage and communication with the Noise Analysis Module.  More Details: MEZZO Precision Microphone sound & Vibration   the MEZZO...

More than just a DAQ system, the DSP embedded in each MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer ensures real-time signal processing. Designed to be used with a tablet PC or any other Windows-based PC. More Details: MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer sound &vibration  MEZZO 2-CHANNEL ANALYZER Spec Sheet 

GRAS 44AA Mouth Simulator  GRAS 44AA 仿真嘴

GRAS 43AA Ear Simulator GRAS 43AA 耳模拟器 More Details: G.R.A.S Ear Simulator

SoftdB Mezzo Software  There are 4 different series of the Softdb Mezzo Software sound and vibration  SoftdB Mezzo Software  More Details: SoftdB Mezzo Software

SoundConnect 2 mic power supply 麦克风电源 2 Channel Microphone Power Supply and Conditioning Amplifier 双通道麦克风电源和调节功放器 --- SoundConnect 2 is a rugged 2-channel USB controlled microphone supply and conditioning amplifier SoundConnect 2是一款坚固的双通道USB控制的麦克风电源和调节功放器。 Listen Inc & S&V Samford More Detail: SoundConnect 2 mic power Supply

The ApolloTM  Light S&V New The Light version for our black box acoustic analyzer- especially handy and robust- with USB Interface 带USB接口特别方便和强大的Light版声学分析仪的。 --- USB-based Multi-channel System for Sound & vibration Measurement and Analysis  用于声音和振动测量和分析的USB多声道系统 S&V New The ApolloTM  Light Leaflet

Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer  1 精度声音和振动分析仪 The SVAN 979 It is Svantek flagship device.You will be amazed by its OLED display which is featured with excellent visibility in all light conditions.  这是Svantek的旗舰产品。您会惊讶于它的OLED显示屏,它在所有光线条件下都具有出色的可视性。 svantek More Details: Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer 

Typical applications and use 典型应用和使用 -  Very Low Sound pressure measurements    极低的声压测量-  Lownoise product measurements    低噪音产品测量-  Lowlevel Sound power measurements      低水平声功率测量-   Measurements on hard-disk drives, computer products, quiet rooms etc.      硬盘驱动器、计算机产品、安静房间等的测量 G.R.A.S.

The GRAS 46DE is a 1/8'' CCP Pressure Microphone Set. The preamplifier is 1/8", making it the world's smallest microphone set. G.R.A.S. 46DE是1/8寸CCP压力麦克风。 前置放大器为1/8寸,使其成为世界上最小的麦克风。 --- Frequency Range 频率范围 : 6.5Hz to 140kHz  Dynamic Range 动态范围    : 47 dB(A) to 175dB Sensitivity  灵敏度             : 0.62 V/Pa

RAP- ONE  (Room Acoustics Prediction and Occupational Noise Exposure), is an innovative easy-to-use designed for use by acoustics consultants, engineers, and industrial hygienists to analyze and manage sound in an industrial setting.

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