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CAI offers two analyzer models that use Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure the concentrations of IR-absorbing gases in a sample. The 600 and ZPA models utilize paramagnetic or fuel cell technology to measure Oxygen.  Gaz analyser  - 700 LX NDIR/O2  – Up to 3 IR channels or 2 IR channels + O2- ZPA...

CAI offers two dedicated analyzer models to measure Oxygen in a sample. The 600P uses paramagnetic technology and the 600F uses a fuel cell method to determine the percentage level of oxygen contained in a gas sample.

Innova 3433i Specially Configured Innova 1314i Multi-Gas Monitor for Automotive Emissions

Innova 3750-2 / 3750-5 Tracer Gas Systems for Ventilation System Studies and Tests

Innova 3751-2 / 3751-5 Tracer Gas Systems that Enable Constant Concentration Method

ANASTAR VEGA  The most compact emissions analyzer in a new dimension in the operation

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