09. Portable Sound Camera - SeeSV-S205

The key components of the system of our partner SM Instruments are online analysis and mobility. The handheld array was honored with the reddot desing award in 2013. The system is often used for measurement from 2000 Hz.

CAE的合作伙伴SM Instruments系统的关键组件是在线分析和移动性。 手持式阵列在2013年荣获reddot desing奖。该系统通常用于2000 Hz的测量。


More Details: The handheld array - SeeSV-S205

More details

直径 350 mm

30 MEMS, samplerate 25,6 kHz

30 MEMS,采样率为25,6 kHz

from 2000 Hz with a resolution of 60°


fibre-reinforced polymer


2,5 kg


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