02. CTC Wireless Transmitter

CTC Wireless Transmitter

CTC's WA 100 Wireless series features fully molded wireless transmitters and open network soteare for cutting edge data collection. The WA100 series an ideal solution for permanent monitoring applications, eliminating the need for standard connectors, cabling, and junction boxes. 


More Details: the WA102- booklet 

More details

CTC Wireless Transmitter


Customizable Data Collection 

CTC's WA102-1A Wireless transmitters work seamlessly with CTC's WA100-TAB wireless tablet to collect data. WA100-TAB comes preloaded with CTC’s wireless software. Users have the ability to nickname wireless transmitters, create transmitter groups according to the monitoring application, and customize reading settings.


- BLE 5.0 wireless communication 

- 150 ft. Line-of-Sight range

- Fully-molded, IP67 rated design protects electronics from dust, dirt and water making it ideal for a

   wide variety of industrial applications.

- Lowers the cost for permanent monitoring installations by eliminating the need for standard

   connectors, cabling and junction boxes.

- Compatible with CTC AC312 and AC314 Low Power sensors

- 4+ years estimated battery life when taking 2 or less readings per day in standard operating


- Own your data - no recurring or hidden software fees

- Easily add on more wireless transmitters to your monitoring program

- Backed by the PRO Line’s lifetime warranty on materials* and workmanship



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