01. Wideband Data Recorder WX-7000 series

Wideband Data Recorder WX-7000 provides processes to measure data in various fields .


More Details : Wideband Data Recorder WX-7000 series 

More details

Frequency Bandwidth [80kHz Wide Frequency Bandwidth]  

DC to 80kHz, 16ch 16bit mode, DC to 80kHz, 8ch 24bit mode, Wide-band, Muliti channel, Stand-alone instrumentation data recorder.


Dynamic range [100dB Wide Dynamic Range] 

24bit analog to digital conversion provides a wider dynamic range than conventional systems.


Whole Day Extended Recording Time [ 72 times longer than the Sony SIR-1000 ]

With the use of 1TB RDX media, the WX-7000 records 72 times longer than the Sony SIR-1000. There is no need to change media frequently to record long duration test data.


Reliable and Robust Recording Media

RDX removable HDD and SD card can be used as recording media.

-RDX media helps provide high-speed, multi-channel and large-capacity recordings.

-SSD type RDX can be used in harsh environmnet. (shock and vibration)

-SD Card (SDHC) recording is convenient and is easy to handle.


Up to 128 Channels Recording

Up to 128 channel recording is available by configuring the WX-7000 main unit with 8 X 16Ch. Input/output cards. Two units can be synchronized together, this provides a maximum of 256 channel recording.


Faster data transfer

Gigabit ethernet allows for faster transfer of data from WX-7000 to a PC.


Periodic File Close to avoid unexpected data loss

WX-7000 closes the data file after every one minute while recording. Even if an unexpected or mistaken power outage happens during recording, all recorded data from one minute before power loss is saved and is available for review and replay. (file is not divided)


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