02. 01dB Sound Level Meters

 01dB provides different kinds of Sound Level Meters, Which Included Duo smart noise monitor (Sound Level Meters), Fusion Sound Level Meters and CUBE Sound Level Meters

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Sound Level Meters 


01dB provided an upgraded experience to their users, the new version of DUO Smart Noise Monitor provides a completed upgrade from sound-level meter to monitoring station without changing equipment.

Instrusments 01dB Sound Level Meters

Duo maintained its incredible innovation functions, the world’s only waterproof, weather-resistant build and integrated with the GPS and Wi-Fi /3G wireless connective function’ (allow users to control DUO remotely) microphone.

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There are over 50 new remarkable functions are developed for Duo. 01dB put all their known-how to develop the new updated version of DUO. Now, DUO become a veritable monitoring station that included event detection expert module, new acoustics indicators, SMS operating alerts, interface with weather station. 

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd 01dB Sound Level Meters

FUSION 3G Sound Level Meter (Latest)

FUSION has become FUSION 3G !

The only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyzer on the market, FUSION is now delivered as standard with its 3G modem and several options (Trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators, Push Data…). These innovations make the sound level meter the most complete in its category at a reduced price. With 3G FUSION, 01dB gives you more, at a reduced cost. With only one device, you can carry out all your measurements (environment, buildings, monitoring…). Discover all the new additions.


Key Point: Metrological

      -class 1 IEC 61672 builder

      -new microphone GRAS 40CE

      -built-in preamplifier



3G FUSION is now delivered as standard with its 3G modem. This innovation will pave the way for your communication:

      -Control measurement settings

      -Download acoustic, metrological and vibration data

      -Store perfectly organized information

      -Listen to noise measured in real time

      -Display data in real time

      -Receive SMS notifications if thresholds are exceeded


To make it more powerful, 01dB have also added commands for integrators, allowing you to remotely control your 3G FUSION and connect it to our 01dB WebMonitoring service.

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd 01dB Sound Level Meters

CUBE Sound Level Meter

CUBE is an up-to-date noise monitoring terminal, which is an innovation design that meets all applications’ needs. CUBE can be portable in a carrying case, stationary in a fixed unit, compatible with 01dB’ Web Monitoring services.  

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd- 01dB Sound Level Meters  Sound Level Meters

To provide a continuous operation and responds to your requirements, (for instance, acoustic and meteorological measurements, automatic publication of data communication of alarms, real-time display etc.) it stays around to the clock.

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CUBE comprised sophisticated event detection filter system to provide you valuable measurement information. With the IEC 61672 class 1 certificate, every situation’s the flawless metrological quality can be guaranteed. 


01dB Sound Level Meter- DUO Fusion and Cube  

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