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Ono Sokki provides three types of sound calibrator to meet various needs. SC-2500 is newly developed calibrator using sound pressure feedback control method for a Class 1 sound level meter.  sound calibration  More Details: Sound Calibrator

The VC-2200/3200 is a Vibration comparator which is used for maintenance and constant monitoring of production facilities with high accuracy, high function, and low cost in a single unit. Vibration  More Details : Vibration Comparator

LV-7000 series detects speed, uneven speed, distance, length of moving object or rotating object by non-contact detection with high sensitivity and high response. You can install and measure easily in the place where had been difficult in measurement so far. Ono sokki  More Details : LV-7000 series

The continuous monitoring of vibration caused by motors and machinery as well as decentralized power production plants as wind power plants is increasingly gaining economic significance. Continuous on-line monitoring and technical diagnosis help to improve availability of aggregates, since service and repair schedules may be optimized.                      

This compact, mobile measuring station is ideally suited for both stationary and mobile use. Special features are the fan-less design and the 3-way power supply from AC, DC and battery (V-mount battery on the back of the device for up to 6 hours of autonomous operation). 这款紧凑型移动测量站非常适合固定或移动使用。 它特殊功能是无风扇设计和交流、直流和电池的三路电源(设备背面的V型电池可实现长达6小时的自主操作)。

VIBER X5 MK III ™  Advanced vibration analyzer  VMI VIBER X5 MK III™  is an advanced vibration analyzer, together with SpectraPro® PC software it provides a complete package for Predictive condition maintenance.  

New ! Sound & Vibration Analyzer - SVAN 977A SVANTEK The SVAN 977A is a successor of SVAN 977 offering bigger memory 8 GB and the Bluetooth® interface as a software option that can be enabled at any time.  The meter provides broad-band results such as Leq, Max, Min and Peak with all standard weighting filters together with an incredible...

CTC Power Supplies 电源 – PS12A, PS06  S&V Samford  PS12A - Rack mountable 12 channel IEPE power supply for accelerometers and piezo velocity transducers 可安装在机架上的12通道IEPE电源,用于加速度计和压电速度传感器 S&V  PS06 - Six channel line power supply for accelerometers and piezo velocity transducers, BNC input/output  用于加速度计和压电速度传感器的六通道线路电源,BNC输入/输出 S&V Samford 

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