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X-Viber™   A large step towards a well planned machine maintenance More Details... 

Hardware, Systems and Software Application Products

01dB provides different types of sound and vibration software, which included dBLexd , dBTrig, dBTrait-HV, dBTrait , dBInside and Smart Building Acousstic Solutions Software.   More Details: dBLexd  01dB S&V  More Details: dbTrig  S&V software More Details: dBTrait-HV 01dB S&V  More Details : DBRTAIT S&V Samford Ltd.  More Details : DBINSIDE

01dB introduces Noise Inspector, the best solution for acoustic cameras, developed by his partner CAE Software and Systems.  S&V  More Details: Acoustic Camera Solution 

CadnaR is the efficient software tool to assess occupational noise. Plan measures to reduce noise in production facilities or optimize the sound quality in open plan offices. S&V Samford Instruments LTD More Details: CadnaR Version 2.5

SoundCheck Software is the heart of a SoundCheck test system. It generates all the test signals, performs analysis and displays results according to the user’s configuration.  SoundCheck软件是SoundCheck测试系统的核心。它会生成所有测试信号,执行分析并根据用户的配置显示结果。 --- More Details: Sound Check System 

Environmental Noise Prediction Software CadnaA is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise, , as well as for the presentation of results to third parties. S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details : CadnaA 2017 New Features Video

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System-AIMS III The Latest Generation hydrophone scanning system- The AIM III  can help to enhance the acoustic measurement productivity to  map acoustic fields in liquids.   More Details: AIMs III

Starter of condition based maintenance by trending measurement in PC software S&V More Details: VIBER X3 

VMI Viber X5™ is an advanced Vibration analyzer. sound and vibration More Details: VIBER X5 

NoiseCheck is essentially SoundCheck without a stimulus editor, as it is designed for manufacturing the noise made by your product. It is a powerful piece of software, ideal for both R&D and production line acoustic measurements of fans, blowers, motors, gears, bearings, pumps and other electromechanical products. --- More Details : Noise Check System

Listen Headphone testing for ANY Headphone,ANY Measurement Listen's Headphone Testing can measure different types of Headphone or Headset, which included Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancellation, IEM, ANC, Bone Conducting and Earbuds, e.t.c.  --- More details: Headphone & Headset Testing Listen's Headphone Testing Leaflet Listen Headphone testing 

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