04. NOISEPAD - Acoustics and Vibration Analyzer (NEW)

NoisePAD analyzer by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


NoisePAD is a new class of 4- Channel real-time analyzer for noise & vibration (with SANURAI software). The combination of robust 8” tablet and analyzer meets the standard MIL 810. 

More details

The SAMURAITM software offers even in the base version per channel:


-Sound level meter :    Class 1 according to IEC 6162

-Frequency analyzer:   IEC 61260 third-octave + FFT analyzer

-Singnal recorder      :   Records audio signals up to 80kHz


For vibration users we offer the new Samurai 3.0 Vibro Suite as alternative.


SAMURAI options:

-          Building Acoustics       -Building Vibration      -Data Collector

-          Easy Listening            -Envelope Analysis      -Fractional Octaves

-          GPS synchronization    -Human Vibration Analyzer

-          Multi Generator           -NoiseCam Video        -Order Tracking

-          Post Processing           -Radar Speed Measurement

-          Room Acoustics           -Sound Intensity        -Sound Power

-          TCP/IP Interface          -Tonality                    -Transfer FRF

-          Vibration Meter           -Virtual Tacho             -Weather Station 


NOISEPAD Specificationss


Input:           4 Channels 24bit @51.2kHz, ICP/ direct,2 Trigger/Tacho Channels

Output:        1 output channel

Tablet PC     8” industrial tablet, ATOM Cherrytrail, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD, Win 10

Mechanics: IP 67, MIL810,temperature -20 oC … +50 oC

Autonomy : 10 hours

Interface    : USB,SD,WiFi,3G,GPS, Bluetooth, 2x camera


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