03. Video NV Recorder VR-24

Videio NV Recorder VR-24 

Noise , Vibration, Video, CAN,GPS and Pulse Record all the various signals to one recorder.  


More Details : VR-24 

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Easy to Set Up, Connect, REC and Playback


High Frequency Bandwidth 

Over audible range 40kHz bandwidth allows to record variety of NVH signals correctly. 
Two channels Digital Video signals and Four channels analog signals from
Low frequency vibration to High frequency Noise can be recorded by only one unit.
Fulfill increasing demands for high frequency noise measurements on
EV / HEV and turbo chargers that are required when downsizing engines.


STANDALONE, All-In-One, Full Synchronization

No PC required to record Video, Analog, CAN, GPS and Pulse simultaneously with
one standalone recorder. All Necessary signals for AUTOMOTIVE NVH TESTING
including HD VIDEO input can be recorded with full synchronization.

All input signals can be recorded with full synchronization!!

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