07. TANGO Plus- Powerful Sound Level meter


Intrgrating Sound Level Meter type 1 : IEC 61672

                          1/3 octave analyser : IEC 61260

TANGO Plus provides General sound level measurements , you can conduct noise measurements, environmenal noise at  the workplace and monitor the traffic noise. 

Tango plus

Both 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis in real-time 

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 - sound level Meter/ analyser for all measurements necessary in workplace and environmental protection 

Tango plus with S&V 

The TANGO PLUS sound level meter is a compact Class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672 with 1/1 and 1/3 ocatave analyser for workplace and environmental protection applications. With its intelligent software concept and its meauring range of 110dB  Dispite its high functionality, TANGO PLUS is still very easy to operate.

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

It is possilbe to use detachable mirophone & preamplifer via extension cable. An outdoor protection kit is avaliable on request. The measured values are shown on a TFT colour display and are readable even over larger distance in sunlight or in darkness.The clearly arranged keyboard has a perceptible keystroke.  

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

TANGO PLUS has, based on state-of-art circuit technology, a very low power consumption. Two batteries (1.2 ...1.5V size AA) guarantee an operation time of 40h and a storage time of 10 years( for lithium batteries). TANGO PLUS is particually always ready to use.

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

The TANGO PLUS sound level meter allows for simultaneous A- and C- frequency weightings as well as Fast, Slow and impulse time weightings. In addition to the momentary sound level values, the instument allows the maximum and minimum sound level values, over a given period to be measured.  TANGO can also measure the LAeq,LCeq, LAtm5 and LAtm5-LAeq values

The instrument has a real-time frequency analyser funtion for 1/1 or 1/3 octave values. 

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

With the Help of the USB interface and the Tango-Utilitles software, the measured values can be read from the memory, saved and converted to a standard format. 

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

Additionally, the software allows users-defined Setup to be defined and transferred to the device. 

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

Typical application of Tango Plus:

-Traffic and industrial noise measurements

-Neighborhood and recreation noise monitoring

-Workplace noise measurements

-Monitoring / logging of traffic noise

-Occupational noise measurements

-Frequency analysis in 1/1 or 1/3octaves in real-time.


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