02. The Apollo Light

The ApolloTM  Light

S&V New

The Light version for our black box acoustic analyzer- especially handy and robust- with USB Interface

S&V New

The ApolloTM  Light Leaflet

More details

The ApolloTM  Light  help to conducts  Sound Level measurement, Frequency analysis, Signal recording , Human vibration measurement, Pass-by noise measurement, Building acoustics, Machine vibration measurement, Modal analysis, Operational vibration analysis

S&V New

Specification of the Apollo Light : 

The Apollo light is compatible to our established Apollo_box and Soundbook Analyzer, but without SLOW channel,SYNC port and AUX port.

S&V Samford.

This reduction to main functions allows us to reduce, dimensions, power consumption and price. SINUS offers several versions, which included Apollo_It2L, Apollo_It2B, Apollo_It4L, Apollo_It4B and Apollo_It8C. 

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